Dinex Ecocat Oy

Dinex Ecocat develops, produces and sells metal-based substrates and coatings for both ceramic and metal substrates, which are core parts of the technical solutions for heavy-duty exhaust systems.

The catalyst production started in 1988 by the chemical group Kemira, became an independent company of Ecocat Oy in 2004 and in 2013 it became an integrated subsidiary of Dinex AS in Denmark. The main R&D facilities of Dinex Ecocat are located in Finland in Oulu (R&D Centre) and in Vihtavuori (prototype/engine laboratories). The main production site is located in Vihtavuori.

The research group of Dinex Ecocat Oy in Oulu has a wide experience in public funded projects (e.g. EU funded CATNAT, Clean Engine, INGAS, HI-CEPS, Powerful since 2000). In these projects, Dinex Ecocat co-operated with many OEM engine and vehicle manufacturers in addition to institutes and universities. Those projects were related to NG, diesel and biofuel applications.

The main task of Dinex Ecocat in this project is the development and design of the oxidation catalyst and the SCR catalyst for the lean burn NG engine, a TWC for the stoichiometric NG engine and a combination of an oxidation catalyst with a DPF and a SCR catalyst for a dual fuel NG / Diesel engine application.

The integration of theses catalysts into a full exhaust system will be done by Dinex AS in its production site in Middelfart. The mother company Dinex AS with its head quarter in Middelfart in Denmark is participating as a third party. Dinex is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of innovative engineered exhaust and emission control products and solutions for the heavy duty diesel and gas engine industry. The constantly growing portfolio of more than 20.000 part numbers and complete systems represents everything from pipes, silencers and other exhaust accessories including advanced after treatment systems with own technologies of coating and substrates.

Beside the development in Finland Dinex has a prototype production for ceramic substrates and catalytic coatings for F-SCR applications in Bindlach, Germany. In Middelfart, complete exhaust systems are designed using CFD and FEA simulation tools and tested on several test benches in respect to emission reduction, mechanical stability and noise reduction performance.