Work Package 7: On-engine aftertreatment systems


  • Integration of SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) with the existing strong Miller cycle 4-stroke diesel engine and combining it with particulate emission (PM) abatement technology would enable to achieve more than 80% NOx emission reduction and 25% reduction in PM. Also a combination of integrated SCR and EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) is to be developed. Feasible solutions of combining the above mentioned technologies having as a target the near zero emission engine are also studied.
  • Integrating methane abatement technology into lean burn 4-stroke gas engines will enable compact solutions to reduce methane slip. The objective is a catalytic system working with the engine and optimization of the engine performance.  Also the knowledge on deactivation & regeneration strategies for integrated catalyst solutions and methane formation and location in the engine exhaust system should increase. Target is a greenhouse gas emission decrease up to 15% and fuel savings up to 5%.
  • Development of key technology for integration of the currently separated SCR after treatment into existing 2-stroke engine structure, which enables widespread installation of SCR systems on all ship types and additionally increase overall NOx removal efficiency above 80%, reduce overall hydrocarbon emissions (HCs) by 50% or more, reduce PM emissions and lead to potential fuel savings of up to 5%.

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