Vaasan Yliopisto

The University of Vaasa (UV) is a multidisciplinary business oriented university offering degrees at all academic levels from Bachelor's to Doctor's. The teaching and research activities of the University’s three faculties focus on business studies, public administration, languages and communication, and technology. University of Vaasa’s strategic focus areas are energy, finance, management and multilingualism. University of Vaasa offers a modern study and research environment for 5 000 students and more than 500 staff members. University is very well networked and cooperates with more than 200 universities in over 40 countries. University’s research is international and research groups cooperate with their international counterparts. Most of university’s research is published in international publication forums.

Electrical Engineering and Energy Technology, the department in charge within Hercules-2, has five professors. Energy Technology concentrates on internal combustion engine technology, renewable energy sources, abatement of pollutant emissions and distributed energy production. The R&D customers and partners are engine, fuel and energy companies.

Currently, studies within renewable fuels, reduction of particulate matter number emissions, and SOx scrubber technology are under way. Recently, abatement systems for particulate matter emissions, organic Rankine cycle for utilization of charge air heat, and long-term effects of renewable fuels on exhaust after-treatment systems have been investigated. Engine control automation has also been studied and a predictive model has been built for the effects of new fuels.

The experience from several sectors within internal combustion engine technology, the available laboratory facilities, skilled staff and co-operation with companies form a relevant background and basis for the participation in the proposed tasks.