Winterthur Gas & Diesel Ltd

Winterthur Gas & Diesel Ltd (former Wärtsilä Switzerland) is a designer and licensor for low-speed two-stroke marine diesel engines. The current low-speed engine portfolio comprises the Wärtsilä RTA, RT-flex and X diesel engine types as well as DF versions of the latest generation engine models, which cover a power range from 3,475 kW to 80,080 kW. These engines are utilized for the propulsion of all types of deep-sea ships world-wide, including tankers, bulk carriers, car carriers, general cargo ships and container ships right up to and including the world’s largest cargo vessels.

Since Jan. 2015, Winterthur Gas & Diesel Ltd is a joint venture of CSSC and Wärtsilä. It is a Swiss company with its headquarters in Winterthur, Switzerland and focusing on the marine and power generation markets with products, solutions and services. Winterthur Gas & Diesel continues the long tradition of the Sulzer Diesel business which started in 1898. The company has extensive state-of-the-art research and training facilities in the Diesel Technology Center located in Oberwinterthur. The majority of the personnel are located in the office premises in the city centre of Winterthur working on all aspects of research and development, design, licensing, manufacturing support, marketing, sales and service support.


WinGD involvement in H-2

Winterthur Gas & Diesel is assuming a leading role in four workpackages, where it teams up with partners in order to further develop particular aspects of engine technology, such as fuel systems flexibility (Work package 1), advanced materials for highly loaded components in marine applications (Work package 3), the control of lifetime performance (Work package 5) and highly integrated emissions reduction systems (Work package 7). To this end, WinGD is relying on extensive expertise as well as dedicated development and testing infrastructure, including advanced simulation tools.

In its R&D activities, WinGD’s goal is to maintain and expand their leading position in engine technology, specifically in the areas of environmental technology, reliability, operational economy and automation. As one of the major engine manufacturers, WinGD has been participating as Wärtsilä Switzerland in the large scale cooperative R&D integrated projects HERCULES-A, HERCULES-B and HERCULES-C within EC's 6th and 7th framework programs from the very beginning.