Technical University of Denmark

The Department of Mechanical Engineering (DTU/MEK) is an internationally recognized Department at the Technical University of Denmark. Research is focusing on efficient exploitation of renewable energy resources such as biomass, wind, efficient energy transformation in combustion engines, energy transport, and energy consumption including refrigeration. The Department offers attractive study opportunities for engineering students.

The combustion research center at the Department of Chemical Engineering (DTU/CHEM) is leading internationally with respect to research in high-temperature processes and control of harmful emissions. A large activity with 4 faculty members, about 25 PhD students, senior researchers etc. (in total more than 60 people) has been established. The center has excellent experimental facilities and is strong in mathematical modeling. It has a strong collaboration with industry and international research centers and has a long tradition for transfer of research results to industry. The center will contribute with a combination of experiments in laboratory setups and in semi-industrial scale as well as mathematical modeling, based on detailed chemical kinetics, chemical reaction engineering, thermodynamics, and fluid dynamics.