HERCULES-2 3rd Partners' Forum & Final Meeting

The HERCULES-2 3rd Partners' Forum & Final Meeting will take place in Augsburg, Germany, on 9th-10th October 2018, hosted by MAN Energy Solutions SE.

The full Agenda of the event is here.


The Plenary Session on 10/10/2018 includes an overview presentation of the Project made by the Project Coordinator, Presentations of the final results of each Work Package by all Work Package Leaders and 2 Panel Discussions:


Overview/WP Presentations

Panel I: HERCULES Achievements

Panel II: The Future in Marine Engines

Roundup/Closing Remarks


The Plenary Session (10/10/2018) including the Panel discussions will be broadcast over the Internet.


· Attendees can register just before or during the Session

· There is no password.

· After registration the attendee receives a confirmation email.

· For attendees video and audio relay is possible, but not two-way interaction.


If you wish to view this webcast you should register at:



27th September 2018